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Police Parking 3 Extended 2

Игра Police Parking 3 Extended 2

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Police Parking 3 Extended 2

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The Police acadamy wants to gain more police employees who know how to park a car the right way. In a life or death situation a cop needs park their police car in a way that they can escape, pursue or rescue somebody if the situation asks for it. Are you this new parking hero the police corps need? Download Police Parking Extended 3D 2 and try it out!
Battle with your friends over who is the new best police parking player!
Connect with Google Game Services and see who is the better parking simulator expert. Every mission has it’s own leaderboard so check and see who did it the fastest, with the least amount of damage and the most amount of stars! Try it out and beat everyone, become number one of the entire world!

Not only 1 Police Car for you to drive!
We have managed to gain a total of 5 police cars in the game! Of course you will start with the most cheapest one, you are a starting Police agent of course. If you climb yourself on the corporate ladder, you will gain more funds to buy new Police Cars! It doesn’t hurt to do some missions and play this parking simulator either.

Police Parking Extended 3D 2 – Game Features:
– Park real police cars!
– Battle with your friend on the leadersboards!
– Climb up the corporate ladder!
– Earn more money
– Buy and Own more Police Parking Cars!

Don’t forget to have a lot of fun doing this and rate if you’re happy with this game!


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