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Garbage truck simulator 3D

Игра Garbage truck simulator 3D

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Garbage truck simulator 3D

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Garbage truck simulator 3D a new fun and exciting 3D parking game!

Take a seat behind the steering wheel of a garbage truck, and take out the trash that is waiting for you! Transport the garbage in 50 challenging garbage truck simulator 3D levels. It’s your job as a Garbage truck driver to get to the locations and clear up all the trash produced by the companies on a industrial park. Garbage truck simulator gives you the best 3D parking game experience. Experience how it feels to drive a garbage truck around town.

Looking for a real truck driver challenge, then look no further.

This 3D parking game is unique with the challenging driver missions, set in a epic looking 3D environment. Drive around on the industrial area, make sure you pick up the trash as fast as possible. Earn better garbage trucks, are you the driver that can complete all the 3D parking missions.

What makes the challenge

Well driving around in a big rig garbage truck is a totally different thing then driving around in a 3D city then sport cars, city buses or any other small vehicles. This is real heavy equipment, you have to watch the turns you make. First you start of in easy to play and easy to understand levels, but as you progress through this 3D parking game it will get harder and harder till the end. Are you up for this 3D parking game challenge?

Garbage truck simulator 3D — 3D parking game features

Real life garbage truck simulator and 3D parking game experience
Awesome looking 3D industrial area to drive around and take out the trash
50 really challenging garbage truck simulator missions
Time is not on your side make sure you finish as fast as possible
Easy to understand controls with the on screen steering wheel, acceleration, and learn how to switch gear like a parking pro


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