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Excavator Simulator River Sand

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Excavator Simulator River Sand

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Ever wondered how it would feel to work on a big excavator simulator construction site? Working with big heavy duty vehicles isn’t easy. We hope you don’t have a 9 till 5 mentality because we have planned out some hard excavator construction days just for you! If you love driving in big construction vehicles then Excavator Digging Simulator River Sand is the game you want to play!.

It’s time to dig out the river, there ain’t no better sand than river sand !
Drive your construction simulator vehicle into the river and start digging, but watch out not to drive to far into the river with your excavator or else you will dissapear. Keep on digging with your construction vehicle until the truck is fully loaded. Do this within the given time limit so you can make your boss happy!

Driving in a big heavy excavator is no child’s play !
When you get behind of the steering wheel you feel like a real man in our excavator digging simulator. Dig the river sand so the city people can make new pavements, concrete blocks or even glass. It’s time to put your helmet on and act as a heavy excavator simulator operator in this Excavator Digging Simulator !

Excavator Simulator River Sand — game features
Drive your excavator to the construction site and start digging
Realistic 3D construction truck simulator environments
Countless hours of gameplay in our excavator simulator
Realistic damage, don’t fall asleep behind the wheel take some rest now and then

So are you up for some though construction simulator labor then look no further and play Excavator Simulator River Sand !

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