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Ambulance Parking 3D Part 3

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Ambulance Parking 3D Part 3

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Park your way in the best Ambulance driving school of 2016!
Ambulance Parking 3D Part 3 is a parking game with a twist, you must park big, solid Ambulance cars in a garage and in the parking lot. It sounds a lot easier than it is, you must maneuver around other vehicles, walls, poles and more. Do this without getting any damage and get a bonus reward! Ambulance brothers, start your engine!

Rewind that.
A new innovatie Rewind system makes Ambulance Parking 3D Part 3 even more amazing! If you have to much damage and want to get that epic three stars in this parking simulator. You have the option to rewind if you have to much damage. This will increase the possibility for you to finish the whole game with 3 stars! Happy Ambulance Parking!

Intense details on the parking cars!
There are 5 epic ambulance parking vehicles for you to collect in Ambulance Parking 3D Part 3. Do not be alarmed by the amount of detail available in every parking ambulance, it will blow your mind. The looks of the ambulances will make it that much harder for you to finish every mission because you don’t want to scratch that paint job, you just don’t. Fortunately that is where the innovative rewind function of Ambulance Parking 3D Part 3 comes in!

Ambulance Parking 3D Part 3- Game Features:!
— A solid 3D Parking School game with a lot of playtime!
— A new innovative rewind system!
— 50 parking simulator missions with objectives!
— 5 epic ambulance vehicles!

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