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Airport Bus Simulator 2016

Игра Airport Bus Simulator 2016

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Airport Bus Simulator 2016

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Great bus driving fun in a big city, learn how to drive a bus today!
Are you actually that good in obeying the traffic rules of the city? Can you drive safely to the end destination of your passengers. Rather than smashing your way through traffic and drive like a madman. Airport Bus Simulator 2016 asks the best of your driving skills, with the pressure brake system making this bus game unique on the google play store. This bus driver game is literally all about driving different types of buses. Its really fun and the game is beautiful despite the small size it has, if you need a change from all the violence and mayhem, Airport Bus Simulator 2016 is the way to go!

Airport Bus Simulator 2016 is a pretty good game and pretty addictive too
This newest bus simulator game offers you as a player two different game modes, dive right into the city and start a free ride or start your bus driver career. Where you have to work your way up the ladder to become a real airport bus driver! In the tutorial you will learn step by step what will be expected from you as a airport bus driver in this newest 3D bus driver simulator game.

Airport Bus Simulator 2016 game features:
— Pretty addictive
— Fun concept and great sounds
— Become a real bus driver
— More challenging than on first sight
— Realistic bus features
— Easy and exciting game play
— Huge 3D virtual city to explore

Be a professional bus driver means you sometimes need to hurry to get the job done. Good luck bus driver and have fun today! Start your bus, shift the gear press the gas pedal and drive your passengers up and bring them to the right destination. Ride from checkpoint to checkpoint, park your public transport bus within the set time.


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